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About Master Fine Art Photographer Saloh Cin
Rarely speaking about his work the only quote available from the artist is simple and modest: "The human form an ever evolving canvas with the three dimensional capabilities of sculpture. I visit the subject hourly and relish the possibilities of becoming involved.
The evolution and variations of the female form open up a world of endless possibilities"

Art may evolve at any time in what appears to be no less than a twenty-four seven pursuit. Make-up artists, models and assistants have become used to the 2AM call to action on any day of the week. Saloh Cin works as a demanding perfectionist fuelled by an ever-creative mind.

First and foremost Saloh Cin is essentially a creative mind and puts art always before profit or a view to anything else, he creates his own vision.

His work relates to the more detail-orientated fetish not the "totally unoriginal railway tracks or hooker with a whip" kind of monotonous images you see these days. Gore is also good as it puts an end to monotony.

In the fetish realm a host of subjects hint towards women appearing more in control of the situation than the viewer, which is powerful.
Women in all poses and predicaments appear to still have the upper hand.
Working predominantly in black and white and still hand printing his work the old way, some unique works appear in vivid colour offering an interesting and stark contrast to his monochromatic endeavours.
All his work is shot on film, although for publication or online use it is professionally scanned for use.

His work has true contrast and real black and white film, which is sourced mostly from Eastern Europe as he can still obtain the older emulsions, (like that of the 1950's and not the flat T-grains of today) shot with all manual film cameras and manual Carl Zeiss lenses and in his own studio, under his direction in terms of art and environs, choice of models etc.

His work possesses the sensibility of a woman but the voyeurism of a man, like all true photographers a voyeuristic nature should be as important as the camera!